I was here

So, obviously I´m not very good at this blogging thing, still I will stubbornly keep this little blog going, because even though I might not update it all that often it is comforting to know that it exists  That this blog is something that is all mine, an outlet to share the things that inspire me and bring me joy. So I hope if anyone out there has had the patience to follow my poorly updated blog, that you will stick around.
I stumbled upon this wonderful video with Beyoncé on Youtube the other day. She performed her song I was here  at the United Nations for World Humanitarian day, which was on august 19th.
 I adore this song, it carries such a beautiful message and the lyrics are so inspiring. Of course everyone wants to be remembered, to leave a mark for the world to see. It is important to remember that you don´t need a grand gesture to do something good for another person. Sometimes small, random acts of kindness can have more impact. So even though World humanitarian day has passed, I will strive to do good things for those around me in every day life, and hope to leave a footprint in the sands of time.  


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