Next sunday will be moving day. I will be moving into the most amazing apartment in the center of Reykjavík with two of my best friends.  I am soo exited and already fantasizing about how to decorate and all the things I want to do when we move in. Here are some things on my apartment wish/inspiration list

- some cool posters 

picture from here

I would really love to have different sizes of  framed posters standing on the floor, up against the wall. I´ve seen that several times on interior design blogs and think it looks super cool. 

-A floor length mirror 

picture from here

I´m only half a person without a full length mirror ( Do I get bonus point for my little joke?). I  Wouldn´t mind having that chandelier either. 

- Some cool pots

picture from here

I´ve started growing my own fresh basil in the windowsill of our kitchen, which is going pretty well if you take into account that I have managed to kill every single plant I have had in my 22 years. I really want to find some beautiful pots to keep the plant in and for the other ones, if I decide to try growing other kinds of herbs ( I´m thinking rosemary and mint perhaps) 

-My dream kitchen table/worktop

picture from here

picture from here

I have to find a kitchen/ dining room table like this. I really like the rustic feel of a thick, worn wood table. Something that would never require any covering up. Something with personality. 

Picture from here

Beautiful, clean and minimalistic bedroom. I love it!


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