Valentine´s day

Hi guys!

So yesterday was Valentine´s day. I hope all of you had an amazing day filled with love and happiness.
I had already decided not to make a big thing out of this day in particular, because I believe we don´t need a special day telling us to be nice and to show our love to the people around us, it should be like that every day. Still it is fun to have special days like this to break up the monotony of everyday life.
Valentine´s day is a lover´s day, but to me passionate love is not the most important love we experience in this life. The most important love of all is the love you have for yourself. It´s simple: If you don´t love yourself, who will?
Of course there are other loves that could never be replaced for anything else, for example there is no love like the love of a mother, a father, the love of a sibling or the love of a good friend. Solid companions that will always stand by you and love you, no matter what. ( I know, I am getting a bit corny here). So in the spirit of Valentine´s day I am giving a shoutout to my amazing  (and sometimes very annoying) family and the best friends a girl could wish for!

Pictures via english muse

All my love

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