I love big chunky jewellery. Even though I usually dress quite ladylike, I like almost all jewellery that looks a bit different or slightly weird. Eyecatching jewellery. Things like body chains, hand harnesses, ear cuffs, big rings and flower headbands are quickly moving to the top of my most wanted list these days.

Dorothy Perkins body chain

I love this Topshop spike cross ring, just too scared I might poke someone´s eye out.

Topshop chain vest necklace
this would look so amazing with a black dress, like a rockstar outfit !!!

Topshop egyptian ring
For my inner hippy

Topshop pagan chain hair barette
I don´t think my hair is long enough for this amazing piece, but I still really really want it.

The weather yesterday started to look slightly like the beginnings of spring, sunny yet chilly which made me hopeful. This morning it had started snowing again. The weather here in Iceland is truly weird



  1. :) gæti aldrei fengið nóg af skartgripum

  2. úúú fíla Topshop keðjuvestið! Kostar ábyggilega milljón líka.

    1. I know :( held líka að það komi ekki til Íslands, en ef þú rekst á það þarna úti þá máttu láta mig vita :D


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