A Happy New Year

Hi guys

Im so sorry I haven´t been very active on the blog the past few weeks. My life suddenly decided to turn in to a hurricane of both good and bad things. In the spirit of New Year´s and new beginnings, I have decided to focus on the good.  I am excited for 2012 and what the coming year will bring me.
Went to see New Year´s Eve in the cinema a couple days before the actual New Year´s.
It´s such a sweet film, full of hope ( I love movies where you get to follow multiple characters that don´t know each other but in some way their paths cross with each other).
I´ve watched Glee a couple of times, and I am a big fan of Lea Michele and her amazing voice so this song was a treat for me:

This song relates so well to  New Year´s eve as I see it. Full of hope for the unknown, new beginnings, second chances and sometimes.. having to say goodbye and be thankful for what you had and the memories that will always be there.

Happy new year everyone! I hope you have your most amazing year yet

Thank you for reading the blog


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