Birthday girl!

Yep you guys,
It´s my birthday today!!!
So happy to be a year wiser ( at least I´d like to think that). I had the best birthday present I could have asked for, I had the most wonderful weekend with my friends and family. Friday night a friend and I threw a joint birthday party for our group of friends, which turn out to be so much fun! Saturday was happily spent sleeping, watching movies and eating greasy comfort food.
Yesterday evening, to top off a perfect weekend I was invited out to dinner by my parents and my sister to celebrate my birthday.
I am so thrilled for the coming year in my life. There are so many exciting things about to come my way. This month I will ( hopefully) at last pass my driver´s liscense after a two year struggle with my irrational fear of traffic. I am graduating this spring and am planning to spend easter travelling between friends located in different places in Europe.
So, as you can see... exciting times ahead.
I have also promised myself to be more active on this blog, no matter how busy I might get with other things.

Got my favourite perfume as a birthday present!!!

Eva Green is so cool!!!

Have a great week you guys!

Lots o´love


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