Simple things

I can´t believe it´s already December!
 Incredible how time has flown by.  Here in Reykjavík we have the most perfect Christmas weather! White snow  that covers every surface and a lot of people have already put up Christmas lights. Downtown Reykjavík looks so beautiful  with lights everywhere and I can´t help but to get in a little bit of a Christmas- y mood.

Simple things making me happy this week :

  • Knowing that after Christmas finals comes Christmas vacation.  The last couple of weeks have been completely crazy with school assignments.  I am so happy that this is finally almost over. I can´t wait until I´ve finished my exams and have time to enjoy the holiday season. In my family we have tons of little traditions and little things we do together in December, that make the Christmas season extra special.

The main square in Reykjavík right before Christmas

  • Rediscovering my wardrobe  I am a bit of a shopaholic,  therefore I have a lot of clothes that tend to get "lost" in my closet. I love going through my closet and rediscovering things that I haven´t worn in a while and scoring a "new" outfit.

  • Hot chocolate  Winter being the perfect  time to snuggle up with a cup of something warm I have become a little obessed with trying different variations to the classic hot chocolate. peppermint cocoa anyone?

  • The Christmas fleamarket on Saturday at Hitt Húsið from 13 - 16. So for my Icelandic readers: be there! It should be fun

Have good weekend everyone
- x

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