Current obsession : Tokyomilk

hey :)
Sorry about my absence from the blog the past few days.
I was a bit busy with school this past week, had my big final exam in Icelandic literature( I´m keeping my fingers  crossed that I passed!!!). Now I´m off for the whole summer, so I´ve got no excuse not to blog!
I promise I´m going to get better at this, just bare with me.
The weather here in Iceland is pretty amazing at the moment  (thankfully so after a very cold and snowy april month), even though the sun is not out every day I can feel it getting pretty warm, so maybe it´s time to swap my  winter jacket for something lighter ( yes! that was an excuse to shop)
I passed by my favourite shop, Kisan on my way to work today. This shop is amazing and they have such wonderful things there, such as Annick Goutal perfumes, all kinds of books, beautiful jewllery and clothing. This store is perfect for buying gifts.
But the thing that caught my eye today were the  solid perfumes and lip balms from the label Tokyomilk
I really really like solid perfumes, because I feel they stay on longer than the spray on perfumes, and I especially like the beautiful illustrations on the product packaging, so pretty !
In addition to cosmetics, Tokyomilk also offer a range of candles and stationary, I reccomend you check out their website ( link above).

  Sugar Sugar solid perfume - This one is definitely on my wishlist ( which is already long enough )

I want to do an outfit post, as I´ve found so many  beautiful things in the second hand shops around Reykjavík. Looking forward to that, but first I have to get my camera fixed

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Andrea

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