Grilled cheese social + yummy pics


I am truly sorry for my long absence from the blog. I am not even going to come up with an excuse, truth is that I have been extremely lazy for the past few weeks, and I intend to make up for that by  working extra hard at entertaining you with my blog posts.

I read a lot of blogs that are about food, baking and cooking, as desserts and chocolate are my passion and my number one weakness in life ;)
The other day I stumbled upon a blog called Grilled cheese social    and as the name implies it´s mainly about grilled cheese sandwiches. Now, I know that may not sound all that interesting at first but believe me, once you see all the yummy pictures you will change your mind! And I strongly advise you from reading this blog on an empty stomach, trust me not a good idea!
She does different takes on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, such as this one
A yummy grilled cheese with goat´s cheese. Yum! Goat´s cheese is my all time favourite cheese, but here in Iceland it´s just damn too expensive for me to buy it with good conscience.

In other news, I just came back from a wonderful vacation in Spain last week, a whole week with my family, the ocean and sangrias . not too bad :) And of course I also went crazy did a little shopping, we even found an H&M shop! So as soon as my camera gets well I will be doing some outfit posts.

  For now I will leave  you with a few yummy pics from my favourite foodie blogs this week

 grilled goat´s cheese sandwich 
picture via Grilled cheese social

doughnut holes via söta saker , I have to make these!!

gorgeous salted caramel , this I will definitely make!
picture via cupcakes and cashmere

I dare not add any more delicious photos, as I´ve gotten very very hungry just from watching these :)
In spite of the pictures above, now that summer is here I have been craving fresh food, salads, rasberries, sorbet ice creams,  lots and lots of veggies, maybe with a hummus dip?..........I have to go eat something, this is torture 

until next time
- Andrea

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