Yay it´s friday! The weekend is finally here! These past few weeks has been crazy busy at school, so even if I am working all weekend I am so glad to be able to sleep in, and have a relaxed, stress- free weekend. Here are a few things making my life more fun these days:

An excuse to bake more

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really want this eiffel tower cookie jar from Urban Outfitters - maybe it will inspire me to bake more

 Black and white photography


Love these wonderful pictures taken by french photographer Robert Doisneu.

Caramel tea
Bought a box of caramel tea when I was visiting my grandparents last summer. I am completely hooked, and have even switched it out for my morning coffee.
Chocolate makes everything better! Hot chocolate, pralines, double chocolate ice cream.....
I really want to try a recipe for chocolate soufflés I found on the internet ( and that also gives me an excuse to buy the really cute ramekins)
Have a great weekend everyone !

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